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The publication dates I include relate to the books in my personal collection. There may be later editions available


THE ROMAN IMPERIAL COINAGE (RIC) - Volume I - C.H. V. Sutherland, Spink and Sons Ltd, London, 1984. In my opinion, the most comprehensive and reliable reference for use in cataloging and attributing Julio-Claudian coins.

COINS OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE IN THE BRITISH MUSEUM (BMCRE) - Volume I - Harold Mattingly, published by the Trustees of the British Museum, London, 1965. This volume is a monumental reference for Julio-Claudian coins that offers a wealth of information and an incredible array of coin photographs from the British Museum collection. Although hard to find and quite expensive, this book is a treasured addition for the advanced library.

COINAGE IN ROMAN IMPERIAL POLICY 31 BC - AD 68 - C.H. V. Sutherland, Sanford J. Durst, New York, 1978. A definitive study of the political and social factors attending the establishment and perpetuation of the Principate and its associated coinage.

ROMAN HISTORY AND COINAGE 44 BC - AD 69 - C.H. V. Sutherland, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1987. A superb historical study of the period and its coinage.


ROMAN COINS - C.H. V. Sutherland, G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1974. A superb book that relates Roman coinage to historical events from the Republic to the end of the Empire. Accompanied by numerous photographic images. Unfortunately, this book is out of print and quite hard to find.

A DICTIONARY OF ROMAN COINS - Seth W. Stevenson, B. A. Seaby Ltd, London, 1982. This immense and very comprehensive Dictionary (more like an encyclopedia) was first published in 1889 and therefor some of the information is dated. Nevertheless, it is an invaluable reference that contains detailed information often not to be found anywhere else.

READING AND DATING ROMAN IMPERIAL COINS - Zander H. Klawans, Whitman Publishing Company, Racine Wisconsin, 1953. An old standby -- the first comprehensive reference on the subject -- it is still one of my favorite books. A handy pocket reference for use in attributing coins.


ROMAN COINS (and their values) - David R. Sear, various publication sources and editions. This is far more than just an attribution and pricing guide book. It is, in fact, widely acclaimed as a definitive and standard reference for Roman Coins. It covers coins of both the Roman Republic and Empire. David Sear also provides a highly respected coin appraisal and authentication service.

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