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We all know men can be fairly intimidated by attractive women. Catching a glimpse of a confident, seductive, sexy, beautiful woman, catching her eye, seeing her walk in your direction, etc, can easily cause you or any man to get nervous and afraid.

However, as true as this is, what is less commonly known is that attractive men also have the same intimidating effect on women, and perhaps even to a degree greater than attractive women intimidating men.

Women tend to spend much more time thinking and worrying about their appearance then men do. There are, of course, many exceptions, but the time women spend preparing their outfits, their hair, their makeup, etc, and the time they spend thinking about how they look when they are out in public is generally much greater than the time men spend on the same things (presumably minus the time spent on makeup…)

Furthermore, the self-esteem of women tends to be tied slightly more to their physical appearance then that of men, hence why it is fairly typical to hear a women say she was “in a good mood because I had a good hair day,” or that she “felt great at the party because I looked smokin’ in that dress,” etc, whereas men saying similar things might seem strange.

Because of this, while men might view an attractive woman as intimidating, they probably don’t make as big a deal out of her incredible physical beauty as women might with men, because they themselves don’t put as much stock in their own.

Women tend to think that because they would think so highly of themselves if they were extremely gorgeous, a very attractive man must as well. This can make them intimidated, perhaps thinking that he “must have a girlfriend already,” or simply that he wouldn’t want to hook up with them.

This is, generally, wrong.

Just as attractive women are simply people – albeit those who tend to have higher standards – who want to be loved and appreciated, attractive men are certainly not unattainable by even average looking women. If women are intimidated by them, for the most part, it is for very little real reason.

However, if you are an attractive man, your opportunities to get with women are incredibly plentiful. When you approach a woman, she will feel incredibly good about herself. That someone of your high level of attractiveness picked her to approach and talk to, she must be very attractive herself. Furthermore, it will usually be only the most beautiful and confident women that will approach you, because they are the ones that believe they have a shot.

However, great beauty can come with a price. If you are incredibly attractive as a man, it will always be difficult for you to know when women like you for who you are, or whether they just view you as attractive and want to hook up with you and/or make their friends jealous by being with you. This isn’t a problem when attracting or sleeping with women, but can be very frustrating if you are looking for intimate, long-lasting relationships.


Have you been told your looks intimidate, or maybe you aren’t good looking enough? Share your story in a comment below and I’ll respond personally.