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Eric Balfour doubts Brittany Murphy autopsy report, but says “no answer or subsequent justice will bring her back”

Recently Eric Balfour’s mother posted a picture of her son and his new fiancée on Facebook, with the words “Congratulations Eric and Erin, they got engaged in Hawaii…”. The picture was reposted on Twitter, prompting an angry response from Mr Balfour, who said that the person responsible should be ashamed. An argument broke out involving some of his followers, and he later posted this reply. Because he seems to perceive the posting of this entirely innocuous picture as part of some campaign against him by those of us asking questions about the death of Brittany Murphy, we feel it necessary to reply…

@SophiiaJoseph I realize Brit’s death is an emotional issue for you and many others who loved her.

Whereas it isn’t for him?

 I apologize for any ill words I directed at you or any of my fans who did as well. First of all no one speaks for me but me. I was hurt that a private photo ended up on twitter, I felt violated but I take you at your word that you didn’t initiate putting the photo on the internet. I apologize for saying you should be ashamed. Perhaps you simply retweeted the photo and meant no harm. Nonetheless I respectfully ask that all of this stops.

The opening line indicates that he links the posting of this picture with enquiries into Brittany’s death, so we have to infer that “all of this” refers to the quest for justice - which certainly will not cease.

There is no need to for either of us to sling mean words at each other or our families.

What that is in reference to is not clear. Unless he interprets as hostile criticism of the apparent apathy of himself and others (formerly?) in Sharon Murphy’s circle to the questions prompted by Brittany’s death. Not to mention undeserved hostility directed at Brittany’s father by some.

They are people with feelings. We all loved Brit and have no contact with her mother.

For how long has that been the case, and why? Certainly Mr Balfour and his mother were previously very close to Sharon - as was Haylie Langseth (presumably included in “we all”), who also seems to have lost contact with her. Have they abandoned her due to her being implicated in Brittany’s death?

I respect that you want an explanation for her passing

Whereas he doesn’t?

and I respect your decision to advocate for it.

That has not hitherto been evident. If he finds advocating for further enquiries into Brittany’s death worthy of respect, why does he not advocate for them himself?

I have chosen to focus on her life while she was with us and for me no answer or subsequent justice will bring her back.

What focusing on her life entails isn’t clear, he never mentions her and blocked a Twitter account simply for doing so to him. We all appreciate Brittany as an actress and as a person, but it is impossible to think of her life without being reminded that it ended prematurely - whether as a result of the actions or the inaction of her mother. The phrase “no answer or subsequent justice will bring her back” implies that he does not already have the answer - that is to say he is not satisfied with the cause of death described in the autopsy report. It is of course obvious that no victim of premature death can be brought back, but nevertheless I think most people would agree that autopsies - and where applicable murder investigations - should be carried out. Is Mr Balfour against all investigations of premature deaths, or just this particular one? 

All I know is that I want my family to feel safe and for my mother who is a truly sweet and kind woman to stop crying over this.

Why would they not feel safe? I gather Sharon Balfour was rude and hostile rather than sweet when attending the premiere of “Top Priority:The Terror Within”. As close family friends, it is understandable that Mr Balfour and his mother would be disturbed to find Sharon Murphy implicated in Brittany’s murder, but there is nothing we can do to help that.

So please allow this to be the end of this conflict. 

The only conflict is a difference in opinion between supporters of Angelo Bertolotti and Mr Balfour - we are advocating for justice, which he evidently feels is pointless.

I wish you well and also ask any of my followers to stop any negative statements towards you. I’m sure you are a good person. I hope that you find it in your heart to respect mine and my families privacy from now on.

His privacy was never violated, the picture in question was placed into the public domain by his mother, and simply depicts himself and his fiancée. Due to Mr Balfour being on television, there are many pictures of him on the internet, as well as many of his fiancée - who is evidently not as paranoid about privacy as Mr Balfour judging by this - and many of the two of them together. If he seeks privacy, he should choose a different career, and possibly a different partner.

There is enough pain and suffering in the world and I don’t want to be a part of inflicting any upon you and I simply ask that you do the same for me. Perhaps as a gesture of good faith you would at least let me know how you were able to see the private content you tweeted and also remove it. Please remember that although we may not agree on everything my family and I have feelings the same as you. Respectfully, Eric

This blog supports Angelo Bertolotti, who is suffering bereavement compounded by indifference or hostility from Brittany’s so called friends as he fights for justice. If, as it seems, Mr Balfour and other friends of Sharon have become estranged from her, let them at least acknowledge her lies.

So in summary…

Eric Balfour has doubts about the conclusion of the autopsy report, but does not care whether or not Brittany was murdered.

He and others have ceased contact with Sharon Murphy.

I suggest that his sensitivity is caused by his inability to come to terms with the fact that there is evidence to indicate that a close friend was murdered, and that the logical chief suspect is the deceased’s mother, whom Mr Balfour also previously knew as a friend.