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CM Punk and Amy "Lita" Dumas are dating?

I feel I'll pretty much sum this up with the following meme. "LOL_WUT!?" Well other than that I don't know, maybe fate has something to do with this. In any case its just a weird event with plenty of irony to go around.
Yeah I have to say I was pretty shocked when I heard this too. It is such a surprise they seem liek such an unlikely duo. Dont you think?
Unlikely... but really it struck me as odd and at the same time fitting in some sick capacity. Anyways, its their lives so at the end of the day here's a *shrug* from me to them.
After Edge (Adam Copeland), Lita had put her claws on CM Punk. Not surprising, and at the same time, it opens the door for Lita to come back if she needs the money, because I'm not sure she's making that much with her band.
I really hope she doesnt come back. In the last years that she was there she was just so sl*tty. I mena look at her when she was with Edge. I really cant imagine her escorting CM punk to the ring like that...ugh. She was better off when she was with the Hardy Boys and dating Matt until she cheated that is of course. Hopefully she just doesnt do the same hting again.
I saw this on a site yesterday and was like "Huh?". I can't really believe it...apparantly Lita has a thing for guys Matt feuds with.
Yeah thta or she likes to go for guys with gold around their waists. I really think though that her and Batista should hook up. He seems to get around to. He has already dated Kelly Kelly, Melina and Rosa Mendez. Kinda seems fitting for him. Seems fitting for the both of them. Hey they could be the perfect couple. I just think CM Punk and Lita dont work together.
September 7, 2009 11:34am CST
Well I definitely di not see this one coming. It has been confirmed thouygh that former WWE Diva Lita is dating CM Punk. Like how odd for these to hook up though. Especially when CM Punk is currently in a feud with Matt Hardy. It just adds to the trouble. haha. What are your thoughts?
He went from dating Maria to Lita now I am a Lita fan but who is he kidding he can't be Straight Edge if he went from Maria to Lita he is smoking something.
I'm a fan of LITA, I've been her fans since 1999 and I've never heard that she dated CM Punk for real. =) As far as I know, after retiring from WWE in November 2006 (exactly on 26th November 2006), she has been busy with her band, I don't really know about the name, but I think it's Lucagor.
Lita always seems to be dating in the spotlight when you use the following formula: ((Championship) + Feuding with her Ex) / Her Boredom Just my thoughts over the years, lol.