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Linda Le (Vampy Bit Me) is a renown Asian American cosplayer. She's adored by fans for not only her attract...

Linda Le (Vampy Bit Me) is a renown Asian American cosplayer. She's adored by fans for not only her attractive looks (having a 33-23-33 body) but both her excellent cosplay renditions and being a true die-hard anime/video game/comic geek. Not only does she dress up as characters from anime, video games or comic books, but she claims she has the same mindset. On both her facebook & twitter she makes claims she rather stay home playing video games than go out to parties, Read comic books instead of going to loud noised clubs, or build Gundam models than go out drinking the night away. So not only does she look the part, but her mindset fits the part. Every fanboy's dream right? Well... Not exactly. This video is going to explain a few facts about Linda. Linda Le's attractive features are not entirely legitimate. Though she does take good care of her body, a lot of her body could be considered "artificial". Aside from make up, she's done a lot of extensive body work, from botox, to body lifts, breast implants (and other bodily implants), body alterations to double eyelid surgery she's done it all. Quite a job! Linda Le's body is in no way "all natural". In fact she's probably only 10% real. Linda also has stated she is 25. However she has made this statement since 2007. It is likely this is not her real age and her true age is older. Both fans and critics note when her make up is not at it's A-game she appears to truly look older. Some speculate she's in her 30's. Linda is not really an otaku/anime/gamer/comic geek. In fact she does not actually garner any real fandom or interest in it at all or have the mindset. A lot of posts made on her facebook, twitter or blogs are not even by her. Rather salesman who pitch something their ideal "hot geek" girl would enjoy such as "Played video games instead of going clothes shopping". The style of cosplay she portrays is indeed very well made and high quality but they are NOT made by her. Her outfits tend to be either popular attire, highly recommended by fans, or by her agents or employers. In fact, she's just an average normal woman. She's into handsome rich males, parties, clubs, everything a woman her age with looks that she bought would do. So what's the point? Why lie to the hearts of her numerous gamer/comic/anime fans? To advertise. Her whole sale's point is to look as perfect as she is and seem interested in the same thing as her target audience. Promotions and sponsors are her main income. She advertises to their target audience. This is her audience and she does a great job selling. Let me now appoint, with all these facts revealed these are not criticisms, but FACTS. I am in no way against her or what she does, nor am I a "hater" of anyway. I just felt it's right her fans know of what she really does. Fake "assets" and all, I'd still tap her, like any rational man.