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Bring in the New Year with New Blind Dates!

FYI Catholic Singles in the Mile High, along the Front Range and Beyond: This is the 5th season and this is in such high demand.

These are running in four groupings: Catholic Age 20-45 (or 20-48) & Catholic Age 45 & Up (or 42 & up); And Christian Age 20-45 (18-48) & Christian Age 45 & Up (or 42 & up). Please state your preference of which grouping when you RSVP.

Next Deadline for This Coming Season: Feb. 28 and for six Mondays after. Within the first two to five weeks there is the most signups! If you want in on the next session, inquire and register by the next available sessions at which we begin actively setting people up by a few weeks after questionaires and signups are both in. Sign up by paying online at the “pay online” tab or by mailing checks for $75 ($75 for 2-3 matches, $100 for 4-5) (email to inquire on mailing address). RSVP to is required as date setups are always being finalized. I have people already going on Faith Match dates!! Once you have paid, and send your questionaire back it, it should be within two to three weeks of your responses received that you begin to receive matches but Faith Match! reserves the rights under terms and conditions listed on the Faith Match! tab herein to go longer through the season as sometimes finding matches for participants takes time. The $75 rate is for two people you match with according to most items on your questionaire; and the $100 rate is for four matches, and another option many participants are using. Please write to inquiring about Faith Match! and send your name/age/cell number/email address and how many matches you were interested to sign up on.

Needing a date to last past a season and wanting to date in faith with a more focused and confidential matching technique? As we are on the brink of summer, my email has lit up with people wanting to be involved in Faith Match. It is my off season for running Catholic or Christian speed dating events as we are now entering a highly busy vacation season. However, by popular demand, I am putting my skills that the FBI wanted to hire me for in 2006 (interrogation and questioning with 20 years of experience at that as a professional journalist) to work now by launching a more private component to my faith dating business.

Faith Match, in which parties interested in blind date set-ups answer my in-depth questioning, and using my knowledge and interviews with each person, for $75 get matched to two people ($100 for four) to go on at least two dates with each person (I prefer you go on three or four with each person because after two dates people tend to give up too soon). I specialize in Christian and Catholic Speed Dating events, so faith dating is my focus. I am also at times approached by people in the Jewish, Baptist, or other religious communities to set them up with people of similar faith background to them and I will do those as well where I have the inquiries. I was not “planning” this when I first launched it on St. Martin of Tours Feast Day in 2013 but it has long been in the mind and all the emails from singles lately have brought it to the forefront. This also helps put into action the database of 8,000 or more people I have interested in dating in faith! I am still running Denver Catholic Speed Dating and Denver Christian Speed Dating events periodically as I have been for five years but have had numerous inquiries to do date set-ups throughout the year for a long time. If interested to try Faith Match, please write me personally at

For Terms & Conditions participants for Faith Match! agree to once they have emailed intent and mailed payment, see Tab on this web site for Terms & Conditions pertaining to Faith Match! Thank you.


EXECUTIVE MATCH — Many are signing up for the more personalized executive matching system within the Christian and Catholic communities, which is priced higher and more intense a system. Inquire at to get pricing and info.