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The first season's cast was a mixture of seasoned television and film veterans like La Marr, Herman, and Scheer, and relatively unknown newcomers like Callen, Jones, Lange, Sullivan, and Wilson.

The cast was one of the most ethnically diverse sketch comedy casts of the 1990s, with one Native American (and half Irish) man, one Jewish-American man, two African-American men, one African-American woman, two white men and two white women.

Cast members are introduced alphabetically with their names appearing in caption over live-action clips of each performer. Neuman appear between the introduction of each cast member.

When the last cast member is introduced, the music stops and the title sequence ends with the phrase "You are now watching Mad TV." Executives desperately search the streets of Los Angeles for cast members for a new sketch comedy show; Vudweiser Commercial: Tongue Lashing/Crushed Frog; The Vancome Lady (Nicole Sullivan) mistreats customers; Ice-T (Phil La Marr) and Ice Cube (Orlando Jones) rap: It ain't easy being me; Fox News at Midnight anchor (David Herman) presents a 911 call to the Vancome Lady; Spy vs.

However, the show did have special guests including Kato Kaelin, Joe Walsh and Dean Stockwell, Peter Marshall, Michael Buffer, Adam West, Gary Coleman, Jamie Farr, Ken Norton, Jr, David Faustino, Claudia Schiffer, Kim Coles, Bruce Mc Culloch, Tony Orlando, and Harland Williams.

Musical groups like Poison, Pharcyde and The Rolling Stones (who were the show's first musical guests) also made appearances on the show.

Curtis (Artie Lange) catches her daughter (Debra Wilson) smoking cigarettes on That's My White Mama; A news reporter (Mary Scheer) repeats nearly verbatim everything her colleagues say; Parody of Lethal Weapon where Murtaugh (Orlando Jones) works with a new partner, Montell Jordan (Phil La Marr): Lethal Weapon 4, Lethal Talkin'; Claudia Schiffer stars in a parody of James Bond films: Jane Bond, For Your Files Only; Spy vs.

Spy: Brain Swap; Two home girls (Kim Coles, Debra Wilson) work as surgeons; A gangster (Artie Lange) poses as a businessman who sells stolen products, then harasses his partner (Bryan Callen); The high school's valedictorian (Nicole Sullivan) makes reference to grim, historic events during graduation.

Spy: Magnet/Typewriter; Poetry class; Rap group Pharcyde and David Faustino star in a spoof of The Three Stooges against a backdrop of urban violence; Don Martin: Tennis; The Linder family auditions to appear on an episode of Rescue 911, but the parents (David Herman, Mary Scheer) frequently embarrass their son Mark (Bryan Callen); A loudmouth (David Herman) tells a story to his friends, then tells everyone else to stop looking at him; A psychiatrist (Nicole Sullivan) doesn't make her patient (Mary Scheer) feel any better when she discusses her relationship troubles; While looking for a target to take out, a hitman (David Herman) tries to think of the song that plays in his head; Needy Guy; Instant Personality; Woman dog. News reporters remain callously umsympathetic while reporting on dangerous events; Michael Jackson (Phil La Marr) promotes a seminar tape on how to be famous; Two wannabe gangstas (David Herman, Nicole Sullivan) rethink their ways when they are introduced to White Chocolate (Brian Austin Green); A woman (Mary Scheer) is rude to everyone on an airplane; Spy vs.

Spy: Hair Dryer; A parody of Davey and Goliath has Davey forced by his dog Goliath to dish out harsh discipline to sinners with a gun; A discussion about Casino erupts into a fight; A man (Artie Lange) suffers from a disease that makes him act like a sports fanatic; A coffee addict (Bryan Callen) doesn't understand that his girlfriend (Nicole Sullivan) wants to break up with him.

Spy: Dream Tank/Bomb Assembly; Small Claims Court; Eddie Murphy (Orlando Jones) tries to convince director Spike Lee (Phil La Marr) to work with him; Dave Higgins talks about alcohol; Russian Landlords; Don Martin: Assembly Line.

X-News; International Coffee; Ozark Mountain Single Out; Bob Dole (David Herman) Commercial; In a parody of Casino and Encino Man, Nicky Santarone (Artie Lange) helps Dave (Bryan Callen) and Stony (David Herman) become big shots at their school: Encino Man 2, Casino Man; Doctor's Visit; Insanely Disappointed; In the latest installment of X-News Marsh's roommate (Bryan Callen) takes over while the two newscasters (David Herman, Nicole Sullivan) deal with their own problems; Survival Weekend; Spy vs. Artie Lange introduces the cast in announcer fashion; An interview with O. Simpson (Orlando Jones) contains outrageous bloopers; Parody of Levi's commercials; Mrs.

Life with Buffer; Cast supporting Mike Tyson and/or Buster Mathis, Jr.; Highagain beer; Boxing Corner; E. parody features has-been celebrities trying to revive their careers: P. Phone Conference Call; IZM Compu Pad; A Hare Krishna breaks up with his band at the airport and goes solo; Lowered Expectations; Urine; Affirmative Crips; Got Urine? Spy: Slinky/Sun Rays; Debbie Dander (Mary Scheer) Seminar Training. encourages the cast; Vud Light; Disruptive Principal (David Herman); Navajo Football League; Don Martin: Water Skiing/Fat freak wife; Mike Tyson vs Billy Barty; Steven Seagal (Bryan Callen) in Hard to Oppress: Dark Territory 2; Spy vs. G.'s; Phil La Marr, the lottery loser; Daytime Jane (Mary Scheer); L. Spy: Prison Escape/Dream Sounds; The UBS Delivery Guy (Phil La Marr)gets promoted; Ejaculation; Fabulous; Monkey Woman.

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