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Technology has changed the dating game.

Years ago you would just “holla” at someone that you were interested in spending some time with — today you can cycle through a list of potential male or female suitors with the swipe of a finger on your phone.

There are a bevy of apps in our iOS and Android app stores that put the world of dating in the palm of your hand, which leads to the question — what are the best Black dating apps?

To answer that question, sexpert Michelle Hope has compiled a list of the best dating apps for African Americans. She joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to highlight the dating apps you should use for your next rendezvous.

The Best Black Dating Apps:

Soul Swipe – SoulSwipe finds black locals to match, chat and meet with by simply swiping left and right. SoulSwipe is a revolutionary way to meet other black people around you. It’s the hottest and most innovative black dating app on the market right now. Join the black community you’ve been waiting for and start swiping with soul.

Meld– MELD is a dating mobile app designed for the black professional. MELD aims to connect and bring together sophisticated black professionals on one platform for dating discovery. Imagine a mobile platform where single professionals and/or members of professional organizations such as National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA), National Bar Association (NBA), National Society of Black Engineers(NSBE), National Medical Association (NMA), HBCUs and others come to MELD to connect.

The League – You’re smart, busy & ambitious. You don’t need a dating app to get a date – you’re too popular as it is. But you should join The League – here’s why:

Keep It Classy We hide your profile from friends, business contacts & coworkers – the whole office doesn’t have to know you’re on the prowl.

You Deserve the Best We’re not saying Tinder doesn’t have its uses (hello Vegas!) but why not spend your time a little more…intelligently?

Your Time Is Valuable We get it. You’re super picky and constantly overcommitted. Tell us your preferences and let us do the scouting.

Skip the Vetting Let’s admit it – we all do ‘research’ via social media. We’ll show you their bio up front, so that when you swipe right, you mean it.


Michelle Hope is not your average Sexologist.

A passionate edu-tainer, she combines her love of pop-culture, entertainment, and sexuality into opportunities that educate and motivate. Holding a master’s degree in Human Development and extensive post graduate training in sexuality, Michelle applies an awareness of the holistic implications of sexuality on one’s life and presents information on the many different ways it intersects with various social identities: race, class, gender, sexual orientation.

For more information about Hope visit

Watch Roland Martin and sexpert Michelle Hope discuss the best Black dating apps in the video clip above.

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