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  • Mariam32

    "Looking to meet new people"

    Atlanta (GA), USA German - Christian

  • EDWIN40

    "Looking for a lovely lady"

    Los Angeles (CA), USA American - Other

  • Farida24

    "Looking to meet new people"

    Hargeisa, Somalia Somalian - Muslim (sunni)

  • Mike56

    "Let's be friends first"

    Cape Town, South Africa British - Christian (other)

  • Lina18

    "Looking to meet new people"

    Tiraspol, Moldova Ukrainian - Other

  • Mohsin31

    "Someone to complete my deen"

    Faisalabad, Pakistan Pakistani - Muslim

  • Matilda31

    "Princess looking for her prince"

    Bethesda (MD), USA Swedish - Christian (other)

  • Inzamam25

    "Looking for love"

    Rawalpindi, Pakistan Pakistani - Muslim (sunni)

  • Naiah26

    "Marriage, inshaAllah"

    Atlanta (GA), USA American - Muslim (sunni)

  • Sahid25

    "Looking for love"

    Ahmadnagar, India Indian - Muslim (sunni)

  • Mara35

    "Looking to meet new people"

    Astoria (NY), USA Armenian/Dominican - Muslim (sunni)

  • Wael42

    "Looking for someone special"

    Los Angeles (CA), USA Jordanian - Muslim (sunni)

  • mary25

    "Princess looking for her prince"

    Nairobi, Kenya Kenyan - Christian (catholic)

  • Adhiraj25

    "Mint tea for two"

    Delhi, India Indian - Hindu

  • Marya29

    "Come ride the magic carpet with me"

    Lozova, Ukraine Ukrainian - Christian (orthodox)

  • Stanley65

    "Looking for someone special"

    Eindhoven, Netherlands Indonesian - Christian (other)

  • Sarah23

    "Looking to meet new people"

    Galway, Ireland Indian - Muslim (sunni)

  • Saiful19

    "Marriage, inshaAllah"

    Dhaka, Bangladesh Bangladeshi - Muslim (sunni)

  • Zuwairah24

    "Pack your bags, you've found me"

    Singapore, Singapore Singaporean/Indian - Muslim (sunni)

  • jamal27

    "Looking for love"

    Cardiff, UK Somalian - Muslim (sunni)

  • muslima35

    "Join me on the road to Jannah"

    Helsinki, Finland Finnish - Muslim (sunni)

  • Zara23

    "Mint tea for two"

    Marrakech, Morocco Berber - Muslim

  • mina41

    "Looking to meet new people"

    Dubai, UAE Turkish - Muslim

  • Jason47

    "Let's be friends first"

    Dearborn (MI), USA Native American - Christian

  • Thofa41

    "Genuine guy looking for genuine girl"

    Quincy (MA), USA American - Not religious

  • Ruby41

    "Marriage, inshaAllah"

    Salisbury (MD), USA Pakistani - Muslim (sunni)

  • Navid18

    "Looking for love"

    Stockholm, Sweden Afghan - Muslim

  • ilisha27

    "Looking for my soul mate"

    Chicago (IL), USA Indian - Christian

  • Philip28

    "Looking for a loyal, beautiful woman to start my life with"

    Washington (DC), USA American - Christian (other)

  • marim27

    "Looking to meet new people"

    Hollywood (FL), USA British - Christian (other)

  • BlueSea48

    "Marriage, inshaAllah"

    Kuwait City, Kuwait Egyptian - Muslim

  • Emy32

    "Looking for a great guy"

    Honolulu (HI), USA Vietnamese - Buddhist

  • Abbey31

    "Looking for love"

    Surulere, Nigeria Nigerian - Muslim (sunni)

  • Athena31

    "Because I'm worth it"

    Atlanta (GA), USA Irish - Spiritual

  • ChiefSeef24

    "Partner in crime?"

    Ann Arbor (MI), USA Bangladeshi - Muslim

  • Khaani38

    "Pack your bags, you've found me"

    London, UK Pakistani - Muslim (sunni)

  • Vincent44

    "Looking for someone special"

    Alkmaar, Netherlands Belgian - Not religious

  • Susan28

    "Looking to meet new people"

    Denton (TX), USA Canadian - Christian

  • rafiq34

    "Marriage, inshaAllah"

    Hubli, India Indian - Muslim

  • Natalia25

    "Princess looking for her prince"

    Wilmington (NC), USA Iraqi - Muslim

  • Bilal22

    "Looking for someone special"

    Dearborn (MI), USA Lebanese - Not religious

  • Harun23

    "Let's be awesome together"

    Istanbul, Turkey Tajik - Muslim

  • Nicole31

    "A woman's heart should be so lost in God, so a man must seek him in order to find her"

    Copenhagen, Denmark Moroccan/Danish - Christian

  • Fadi51

    "Looking for my soul mate"

    Fort Lauderdale (FL), USA Lebanese - Muslim

  • Brittney27

    "Looking for love"

    Toledo (OH), USA American - Christian

  • Danny23

    "Looking for a lovely lady"

    Aurora (IL), USA Mexican - Christian

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