Finnish ladies dating horny and nice

If you ever find yourself in Scandinavia, you might be interested dating a Finnish woman. These women are unique and to date one is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Here are 9 unique things you should know about Finland and their women.

1. Hel Looks, a popular street fashion blog, does not represent the usual style in Finland. Contrary to what the blog may have you believe, many of the Finnish women do not don hipster clothing or look like they stepped out of a Skrillex video. The vast majority of the women in Finland are dressed like women you hoped to meet. They are well put together and were quite feminine in their clothing choices and how they carried themselves.

2. The largest reason Finnish women aren’t deemed overly attractive isn’t because they are ultra-feminine or they wear hipster garb, but it is because they are overweight. Like America, Finland has adopted this trend where you see a McDonald’s on nearly every block and you see a line of overweight Finnish people standing in line to grab a grease laden burger after a night of partying. Finnish folk aren’t inherently ugly, they have some incredible genes, but it is their poor eating habits that deter from their attractiveness.

3. Finnish women are open to the idea of dating men outside of their race. Unlike other cultures, you can find plenty of ethnic men with a Finnish woman on their arms. What you might find even more intriguing is that these darker skinned men speak Finnish fluently because they’ve integrated into their culture seamlessly. Combine this with liberal guilt that Scandinavia tends to have regarding minorities, Finnish women feel like they would be wrong if they didn’t give minority men a fair shot. Racism? Not in Finland!

4. Hitting on Finnish women during the day isn’t always a good idea. Finnish women won’t turn you away if you ask for their help with directions or something of the sort during the day time, but if you approach them to ask them out, you’ll probably get turned down. Finnish women aren’t nearly as shy asIcelandic women, but they are more hesitant than American women. If you are really interested in meeting a Finnish woman, your best bet would be to try meeting them at night, thanks to this little thing called alcohol.

5. Finnish women tend to have a nice blend of all the eastern features that Danes, Swedes, and Icelanders lack. Finnish women tend to have a Slavic blood running through their veins, which gives them the look of being from Russia or from Latvia. These women have an exotic beauty that is sought after by men, and they truly get the attention they deserve.

6. Americans aren’t common in Finland. When you tell a Finnish woman that you’re from America, you can bet that she would be excited to be your date. Keep in mind, if it were in the Baltics or in Poland, the reception would be much better, Finnish women are still drawn to you. Why, even if they despise American politics, they still want to learn as much as they can about American culture, and you’re their best bet.

7. Finnish people are much more friendly than you could imagine. You might think since being polite and courteous in America is an anomaly, in Finland, it is much more common and practiced in Finland. Not only are Finnish people much more inclined to be polite, they are much more trusting than Americans and may even take things at face value. Now this doesn’t mean you should take advantage of them though!

8. There are a lot of East African women in Finland, as well as Asian women. Although you are Finland and are surrounded by gorgeous Finnish women, there are plenty of Asian beauties and gorgeous African women in the country as well. If you’re looking to try a bit of the rainbow, you can certain find it in Finland.

9. The largest problem in Finland is that it is more of a summer vacation spot than a year round tourist destination. Sadly, Finland experiences long, dark, and incredibly cold winters. With these cold winters, that means the Finnish women only tend to come out and play during the summer, which is overwrought with Americans.

Author: Alex Reddle

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