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Natalie also began her very own monthly advice column in FHM, in 2006 while a year before that, November 2005, she started her own TV reality show ‘The Natalie Gulbis Show’. In addition, she has appeared on numerous other shows and series such us the Celebrity Apprentice, The Price Is Right and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation; not to mention the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, where she appeared wearing nothing but body paint! Thanks to all those activities mentioned above, she earns a handsome salary and has been able to earn from her games, reaching a total net worth of $4,892,233.

Natalie got married to her boyfriend, Josh Rodarmel in 2013 The latter was a football player for Yale and was a highly touted high school recruit. After college he and his brother started Power Balance. The couple they stayed back in the Bahamas and celebrated their honeymoon after Gulbis’ LPGA tournament was over of course. She also shared the images of her wedding on the social networking sites like twitter and Instagram. She was reportedly very happy since she accepted a marriage proposal by her husband. Her husband has a company of athletic wrist bands called the Power Balance Bracelet. She is happy to have him in her life and is very excited to be his wife. They got married just two days, before the Christmas of 2013.

Before her marriage with Josh Rodamel, she was dating the professional golfer Dustin Johnson, who was three years younger than her. But Johnson insisted that he was not dating her. He said that he was sick of the gossips about him and Natalie. He agreed that they spent time together, but refused that any kind of relationship ever existed between them. What’s also surprisingly interesting about Natalie but was not known until only recently, is her relationship with President Donald Trump. After the latter took office, she talked openly about him in more than once occasions. In an interview she said:

“No matter where I go, people want to know about The Donald. What's he like? How's his golf game? Do you still keep in touch? The list goes on. In short, I've played many rounds with him. He's a good player (and a sneaky-great putter). He has always made time for my calls, and has offered some great advice over the years. If I could only tell you one thing about him, it's that he's probably the hardest working individual I've ever met.” A few lines later she openly refused to comment his involvement in politics and kept things more on the other side. She called him gracious, generous and inspiring and added that “political rhetoric about Trump's misogynistic "war on women" to be inconsistent with the Trump I know.” If anything, it seems that Natalie’s statement created more controversy than before. In any case, she still is considered a great golf player and a very beautiful and lively woman.

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