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She played on one of the longest television drama shows ever about the military or lawyers-JAG-from 1997 to 2005, playing Lieutenant Harriet Sims from the second season through the tenth and final season. The show was about lawyers and criminal investigators in the military. In the role Karri Turner replaced her future husband on the show, Lieutenant Bud Roberts, as public affairs officer on the USS Seahawk and was later transferred to JAG headquarters where she worked as an administrator and ended up marrying Roberts. Have you ever wondered what has Karri Turner (Lieutenant Harriet Sims) been up to since JAG went off the air?

She has always been an actress, even before JAG, and she has continued to act. She has done a lot more than that, however. Turner has not only supported a variety of charities but has also been active in supporting American troops fighting against terror, visiting them many times.

As an actress, the best known role for Karri Turner was that of Lieutenant Harriet Sims, the JAG administrative employee, wife of Lieutenant Bud Roberts, and mother. She has also played Tara Scully, Dana Scully’s sister-in-law on the X Files, Honey Potts on Caroline in the City, did one of the voices on the animated series, South Park, and played on Suddenly Susan and Wild Oats. Besides her work on television, she has played in a variety of movies, including Who’s the Caboose and Wild Pat. She has also played in many plays including Merchant of Venice, Cereal, Hamlet, and Charlie’s Aunt.

Some believe, however, that Karri Turner is most passionate about supporting American troops. She has visited American troops in Baghdad, South Korea, Kuwait, Balad, Tikrit, Kandahar, and Uzbekistan. She has been on 11 USO tours as of August, 2010. She has visited the wounded at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. One of her biggest honors was to meet several Congressional Medal of Honor winners. Besides visiting troops, she has joined an effort with other actors to send letters of support to the troops. In addition, she has served on the board of the American Freedom Foundation and has worked with the American Freedom Festival to raise money for veterans and their families.

Her work has not gone unnoticed. Karri Turner was honored by the Medal of Honor Society at a dinner. Forty-three of the ninety-seven living Medal of Honor Society recipients were in attendance. She also received an award on Capitol Hill for her volunteer work.

She has also supported charities that help children and that are seeking a cure for breast cancer.

Karri Turner is one actress who has stayed busy, both in acting and helping others, since JAG went off the air.


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