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Age of Consent

2017 , Sexuality

Social media has become a breeding ground for the modern sexual predator. But it's also provided a platform by which investigators can pinpoint and apprehend these deviants. Justin Payne isn't a professional law enforcement officer, but he's made it...

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★ 6.98

From Girls to Men

2011 , Sexuality

The conversation surrounding gender identity issues has become more open and prominent than ever before, but severe misconceptions and prejudices still exist. For many, understanding and acceptance may only be possible when provided an opportunity to...

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★ 6.00

Are All Men Pedophiles?

2012 , Sexuality

The provocatively titled documentary Are All Men Pedophiles? is no less provoking and challenging in its content. The filmmakers sift through the history of ancient customs and human development in their attempts to gain a fresh perspective on the...

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★ 5.54

Cam Girlz

2015 , Sexuality

Though it's tastefully shot and insightful in the treatment of its subject, Cam Girlz contains scenes of a sexual nature and viewer discretion is advised. The film is directed by Sean Dunne, the author of American Juggalo and Florida Man. There's the...

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★ 7.32

The Mobile Love Industry

2015 , Sexuality

Modern technologies and social media platforms have unquestionably redefined a great many aspects of our everyday rituals, customs and behaviors. Nowhere is this more apparent than in matters of human connection and love. The Mobile Love Industry, a...

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★ 5.56

Boob Envy

2007 , Sexuality

What's behind the cultural obsession with the female breasts? Documentary Boob Envy, hosted by actress and television personality Thalia Zucci, examines this phenomenon which has become increasingly prominent in our media driven society. Although the...

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★ 6.35

Give Me Sex Jesus

2015 , Sexuality

What does it meant to be pure? For many people of faith, the purity of an individual is largely determined by their success in abstaining from sex until marriage. This is one of the key tenants of the increasingly popular Purity Movement of the...

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★ 5.88

The New Era of Canadian Sex Work

2015 , Sexuality

The New Era of Canadian Sex Work is an insightful and educational look at those who consensually engage in sex work, and how the politicians behind Bill C36, also known as the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act (PCEPA), fail to give...

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★ 6.24

Being Me

2015 , Sexuality

It's breakfast time in the Langley home. Located right outside of Melbourne, Australia, the Langley family is the very picture of domestic normalcy. Naomi and Andrew, both successful and attractive professionals, are doting parents to two lovely and...

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★ 8.40

My Son the Pornographer

2008 , Sexuality

We want our parents - and by extension, the world - to see and appreciate us as we really are. That struggle speaks to the generational gaps that most of us have had to reckon with at some point in our lives. In the amusingly raunchy and surprisingly...

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★ 7.58

Tokyo Girls

2000 , Sexuality

Being a hostess in Tokyo is really not that simple. At least Director Penelope Buitenhuis claims that through the tale of four hostesses in her documentary Tokyo Girls. Throughout this emotionally ambiguous film, a sense of complexity and complicity...

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★ 7.65

Selling the Girl Next Door

2011 , Sexuality

Men are renting girls barely in their teens on the Internet. The oldest profession is quickly moving off of the boulevards and onto the Internet, and the girls are getting younger and younger. This is how the girls get literally sold nowadays. Most of...

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★ 7.30