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10 Tips for Creating the Perfect Online Dating Profile for Expats

In a perfect world, you and your soulmate would bump into each other on the streets of Spain, lock eyes, and fall madly in love the next second. But, this isn't Love Actually, and finding your soulmate can be a lot more difficult than that, especially if you are a single expat in Spain.

So, you've decided to join Expatica Dating Spain and create an online dating profile for expats. Or maybe, you're already a member, but you're feeling that you're not making much progress when it comes to finding the perfect match. What can you do to put your best virtual foot forward and impress fellow singles in Spain?

Creating the perfect online dating profile for expats is both art and science. You want to highlight your best qualities without bragging. Talk about a challenge!

The good news is that there are a few tricks you can use to optimise your chances and make your profile stand out. Here are some of them:

Online Dating Profile tip 1: Know What You Want

Before creating your online profile for expatriate singles in Spain, take a minute to think about the type of people that you find attractive. What are the traits you are looking for in a partner? If you want someone who can get your obscure music references, then state some of your favorite bands in your profile. That way, you can give people a conversation starter and help move the discussion forward in a natural way.

Online Dating Profile tip 2: However, Don't Create a Shopping List

Although it's recommended to state your passions and interests, try not to create a bullet-point list of things you are looking for in a potential partner. You want to trigger people's curiosity and get them interested in who you are not in how many points they've checked on your list.

Online Dating Profile tip 3: Choose a Decent, Catchy Screen Name

SexyAnna55 is definitely a bad choice if you want to find love in Spain. Get creative and think of a screen name that isn't just a Studforyou7 and has a meaning. Other single expats in Spain will want to learn the story behind your exotic name. If you can't come up with a clever screen name, better pick a standard one. Or, better yet, use your real name.

Online Dating Profile tip 4: Pick a Photo That Reflects Who You Are

A good picture is worth a thousand words. Pick a good quality photo which shows the best of you without being too pretentious. Post a recent photo – you want to attract someone who is interested in you right now, not in some younger, slimmer version of yourself.

Online Dating Profile tip 5: But, Stay Away from Selfies

Selfies have become an inherent part of our culture, but you should probably keep them for your Instagram or Snapchat profiles. Studies have shown that online dating profiles with selfies get a negative eight percent response rate. So, ask a colleague or friend to take a picture of you in a setting that highlights your personality. For instance, if you are an outdoor enthusiast, have your picture taken during a hike. If you're an adrenaline lover, post a photo of you doing something extreme, such as bungee jumping or scuba diving.

Online Dating Profile tip 6: Write an Attention-Grabbing Headline

The second most important step in creating a great online dating profile for expats is writing an attention-grabbing headline. The headline, like you profile picture, can make potential dates decide whether they should read your profile or not. It should be clever and meaningful, and it should reveal just enough about you to make them curious.

Online Dating Profile tip 7: Use Proper Language and Grammar

You should always spell check before posting something or sending a message. Use punctuation and proper grammar. Oh, and DON'T WRITE IN ALL CAPS; you're not shouting.

Online Dating Profile tip 8: Be Honest

Lying won't get you anywhere. According to a recent study, members of online dating sites for expats should focus on conveying honesty if they are looking for a serious relationship. You want someone who likes who you are, not who you wish you were.

Online Dating Profile tip 9: Update Regularly

Make an effort to update your profile on a regular basis. Add new photos, update your interests, and so on. Your chances of meeting a single expat in Spain will increase significantly if you have an active profile.

Online Dating Profile tip 10: Stay Positive

Expat online dating can get tiring and frustrating. You keep getting emails from dreadful people, and some offline dates aren't that pleasant either. Don't think about every date as a fail but try to enjoy the process as much as you can. It will end when you find your soulmate. So, stay positive about yourself and others.

If you are ready to find love in Spain, join Expatica Dating Spain, and we'll help you find a match. After the quick and easy registration process, you'll have the opportunity to check various criteria that will allow our high-tech system to find the perfect expat singles for you.

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