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New Dating Site for Those Who Want to Have a Baby, to Find a Co-Parent in the USA is an innovative social networking site that offers those who are unable to have a child through traditional means the chance to have a child of their own.

MIAMI, FL, February 08, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ — This pioneering and remarkable community was created in 2008 in France to provide these people the chance to meet others of a similar mindset, who want a baby independently. has a comprehensive range of search options allows people to find the favoured person you require. Whether an individual or couple are looking for a co-parent, sperm donor or a surrogate mother, connects those who wish to have a baby, but haven’t found the right person yet.

The wonderful thing about is that it provides everyone who can’t have a child through the traditional means with the chance to have a child. People who are in relationships and have fertility issues, single people, whether male or female, straight, gay and lesbian’s can all choose to locate a person to have a child with on offers homosexual people or couples several possibilities to have children, helping those who wish to do so, the chance to overcome any staunch administrative processes they may encounter.

All profiles on the site offer an array of information about the people involved, allowing an individual or couple to find a person to suit your personal preferences. With its diverse range of profiles from people throughout the world, users can choose a person who suits their cultural, ethnic, philosophical, or educational requirements. People can also dictate the locality, age and beliefs of the person before making contact, as well as their interests and whether they are smokers or not and even their star sign.

The community’s sperm donation forum puts people in contact with those who wish to find someone to donate sperm. The advanced search options and tools allow user’s contact with thousands of donors throughout the world. also provides a forum for those wishing to donate sperm to do so. The site warrants that all sperm is okay and requires a number of medical checks to be performed to verify the donated sperm is healthy.

Getting the process started is easy and can be done within a matter of minutes. Users have access to thousands of profiles from which to choose to contact for sperm donation, to be surrogate mother, or for co-parenting. Users can then contact and interact with profiles, many of which are anonymous, though some are known. helps you to find a co-parent, sperm donor, or surrogate mother and have the child you want.

The outstanding benefits provided by are immense. Offering people the chance to find the person they require to have children with, through a donor, surrogate or co-parent arrangement. Such provisions, allow people the opportunity to rear, care and look after a child, no matter what is hindering them from having one in the traditional manner.

Provides service to anyone who wants a child but can’t do so the traditional way, as well as those prepared to help these people to have a baby. Find a co-parent, sperm donor or surrogate mother match for gay, straight, singles, or couples.



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