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No scripts and no rehearsals. This is what Derek Ramsay got into when he signed up for Cannes Best Director Brillante Mendoza’s upcoming TV movie, Amo on TV5, set to air this summer of 2017.

“Grabe talaga, you won’t feel like a celebrity on set. No special treatment, no nothing. You’re there for the job. It’s amazing, and I am always on my toes and nervous because the other night Direk Brillante made me run the whole stretch of Timog without any traffic enforcer. At first I was thinking why, but then again when I saw the trailer I couldn’t question the guy—it was brilliant!”

Derek is also reading through three movie scripts some of which are from Star Cinema. The dramatic actor promises he will be active on the big screen this summer.

“A bunch of them are sexy so I’m still looking at them but some are action naman so it’s great. I also have one with Viva and I’m set to star opposite Sarah Lahbati.”

He also promised his non-showbiz girlfriend of three years, Joanne Villablanca, that he would take her on vacation late this year once his schedule clears up—of course with her daughter Sophia, who is like Derek’s own now.

Derek Ramsay with girlfriend Joanne Villablanca

“That’s what really attracted me to Joanne she is a mother, and Sophia is just wonderful and beautiful.”

They’re both busy right now but Derek said they are on the path of settling down.

It is their fourth time in the Philippines and now that the hit millennial hit group Before You Exit is back, members Toby, Riley and Connor McDonough credit their Filipino fans for helping them in their success.

Since being launched in 2010, Before You Exit had their big break last year with their hit song “Model,” and the heartbreaking entry “Suitcase.”

The boys are in touch with their fan group in Manila and said that they always consult with the BYE fans before releasing a track.

“Big thanks to the internet and social media, the support of our fans here is insane so in return since we make the music for them we would have listening parties both in person or online and check with them, which is okay to release or what they think of the song.”

They also created a track named “Cloud” for their close friend, the late Christina Grimmie who was shot dead in June 2016 during a concert in Florida. Before You Exit was her front act that time.

“We have been lucky to even get to know Christina and to call her our friend. That song was a form of closure and to just share how special she was to us and to remember her until the end and we want to carry on her legacy.”

Even though it is their fourth time in Manila, the boys have only gone as far as Tagaytay and would want to check out what the locals do in the provinces more. They promise to return in between gigs in Southeast Asia as well during their down time.

‘In The Know’ with (from left) brothers Toby, Riley and Connor McDonough—collectively known as Before You Exit

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