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Ravenclaw!Reader dating Sirius Black

  • You knew of the four Gryffindor boys, of course. Who didn’t? They were practically famous. Especially thanks to their great pranks
  • So when they approached you claiming that they needed your help, you were hesitant. After all, it could well be one of their not so funny jokes.
  • But the boys really did need your help. About something that sounded quite illegal. A map. Of Hogwarts.
  • It took you some time to decide to help. But you agreed eventually.
  • Through the trial and error that was the process of creating the map you grew closer with the boys and, quite unexpectedly, fell for Sirius.
  • You were very surprised when you finally acknowledged your feelings for the pure blooded boy. Then you scolded yourself. From all the boys in Hogwarts, heck in the world, Sirius was the one to capture your attention. Sirius! The womanizer.
  • You ignored him for a week, mad at him for distracting you with his Sirius-ness that was for some awful reason attractive to you.
  • He confronted you about ignoring him. At first, of course, you scoffed, dismissing the idea. Somehow you started arguing and five minutes later you were yelling, angrily confessing your feelings. Sirius was watching you, stunned.
  • It didn’t take you too long to start dating after that.
  • He’d subtly wink at you when you had a class together.
  • You would blush and ignore him
  • Holding hands in public.
  • Quick make out sessions in empty hallways between classes.
  • Studying together.
  • Getting distracted half of the time.
  • Playing with his hair a lot and even braiding it from time to time.
  • Him secretly loving it.
  • Him trying to sneak into the Ravenclaw common room and succeeding after a few tries, though your classmates weren’t very happy and shooed him off.
  • You weren’t very surprised when your house got pranked a few days later.
  • Moving together after school.
  • Calming him down when he gets too paranoid about the war.
  • Sirius calming you down after nightmares about your close ones dying.
  • You being very busy in the order coming up with plans and most of the tactics.
  • Blaming yourself when something goes wrong only for Sirius to prove you wrong and remind you how amazing you are.
  • Going to James and Lily’s wedding together and just being really supportive.
  • Insisting on babysitting Harry so James and Lily can have a date night.
  • “Sirius, no! Do not give him your wand!”
  • “Oh, but Y/n look how good he is.”
  • “Sirius he just set the cushion on fire.”
  • “Oh shi-”
  • “Not in front of Harry!”

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